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Belmar Chiropractic provides quality chiropractic care in Lakewood CO and surrounding areas while teaching The 100 Year Lifestyle principles of optimum health, longevity and wellness.

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Patient Reviews

"Before coming to see Dr. Rick I had been to Medical Doctors, Neurologists, therapists, and specialists for the last 30+ years. They had run many tests on me throughout the years, all of which came back negative. I was told over and over that there was nothing wrong with me and that it was all in my head. My last visit to my Medical Doctor, she told me I was depressed and was going to prescribe me depression/anxiety medication. I told her that I was not depressed and I would not take the medication. I had lost hope and thought I would have to live this way the rest of my life. I didn't know where to turn. When a told friend told me about Dr. Rick, and his approach, I was skeptical, but it was worth a shot.
I was living with numbness and tingling in my arms and feet, pain down my right arm, blurry vision, tension in my neck, chronic fatigue, allergies (had allergy shots for 8 years), difficulty sleeping, brain fog, ringing in my right ear, TMJ pain (I saw a specialist for 10 years), dizziness, and headaches and migraines (since as long as I can remember). I had very low energy levels, I could not bite into an apple or chew anything hard, I couldn't see clearly and was un-sure of myself driving. I couldn't wear sandals and walking on carpet was very difficult because of the sensation it gave me. When washing the dishes, I couldn't properly feel my hands so I would have to grip them as hard as I could and I would still drop them.
All of my health problems cleared up after my first adjustment. After the first adjustment, I felt connected to my body again. I had no more numbness and tingling in my arms and feet, I felt lighter, my vision became clear and I could focus again, I had no more brain fog, my TMJ pain went away, the ringing in my right ear went away, and I felt my energy going up!! My allergies have improved, I no longer get dizzy, I have been sleeping better, my energy levels are very high, and my headaches and migraines are gone!!!
I am now able to drive with confidence, I can bite into and chew and apple or a carrot, and I no longer drop things. I can wear sandals, wear the same shoes multiple days in a row, and walk on carpet with no problems. I have never had this much energy and it is wonderful! I feel great! I am getting used to a whole new body and learning who I am all over again.
My whole family is now under Dr. Rick's care and we are healing together as a family which is wonderful. I recommend Dr. Rick to friends, family and anyone who wants to improve their health. "

Fernandina Garcia

"So thankful for all that Dr. Rick has done for me and for my family. Chiropractic has made and kept us so much healthier!"

David-Jennifer Wozniak

"I truly can't say enough about Dr. Rick. He is one of the most professional, loving, driven, and trustworthy chiropractor I have ever met. If you have an issue, his technique can address it and take you to a deeper level of wellness. I highly recommend his specific and gentle technique for you and your entire family!"

Nevin Ramona

"As a chiropractic student under the care of a field doctor who performs a specific upper cervical technique, I have tried to be careful at school during exercises in class requiring us to be "mock" patients. In essence, I have decided not to "donate my body" to science at school because of a hockey injury I had experienced by falling backwards on my left lower back when I was a teenager, which tends to flare up periodically. However, September this past year, I allowed a student to practice a full spine technique on me during a laboratory exercise to help them out in their pursuit of perfecting their craft. Within hours, I started to experience a feeling of instability and weakness develop in my lower back, near to where I was injured 18 years ago. After a few days, I could hardly get out of bed. I was waking up every hour or so in excruciating pain. Barely able to bend over to put on my socks and tie my shoes the pain got so bad I couldn't walk without a limp. A day later, I had x-rays taken and discovered that the degeneration in my low back has progressed so much that I have what is referred to as "degenerative spondylolisthesis." Basically, my L5 vertebra is placed more forward (toward my belly button) than my sacrum. Typically affecting people in their 50s-60s, this was surprising to me because I'm only 33. I immediately went to my regular chiropractor, and he performed his usual analysis by adjustment my atlas according to his protocol, but it didn't help at all. He even tried to correct the vertebrae in my lower spine, but nothing. I was at my wits end. This was the FIRST time he wasn't able to fix my back and I was losing hope that this would be a quick fix.

After giving my situation some considerable prayer-time (nothing like excruciating pain to bring someone on their knees, huh?) I felt led to see Dr. Kirkpatrick so he could analyze me via his Torque Release Technique. When he adjusted me that first day, things didn't "miraculously" get back to normal, but I felt a distinct change in my body's tone and the muscle spasms seemed to lessen a little (almost immediately). That night, I only woke up a couple times because of discomfort (not horrible pain) and getting out of bed was much easier. Putting on my clothes that day and walking around was much easier as well and I started to get some hope that I would be better soon. Still thinking it would take a few weeks to a couple months to get back to normal, because that's what it took a friend of mine to recover from a similar situation, I saw Dr. Rick the next day and he performed an adjustment that he told me was quite rare. Immediately, I felt the release of negative energy leave my body, my muscles started to relax and within a few hours I was completely PAIN FREE! HALLELUJAH!

I am grateful that Dr. Rick has spent the time and energy to perfect his technique. He's truly a fantastic doctor. Thank God for Dr. Rick, he's such a blessing!!

Eric Zielenski